Saturday, 28 June 2014

Akachochin - Thursday Night Sushi Omakase

Akachochin on South Wharf, easily my favourite Japanese restaurant in Melbourne has recently started doing Sushi Omakase on Thursday evenings. 
Omakase roughly translated means 'leaving the decision to someone else' in other words the Chef decides the menu for the evening.

Head Chef, Kengo Hiromatsu (pictured above) creates several courses of incredible nigiri sushi comprised of the freshest catches of the day.
Nigiri sushi is the harmonious marriage of technique and fresh produce. Using extreme precision and his attention to detail, Kengo transforms gorgeous cuts of fish into luxurious mouthfuls with the perfect balance of rice and fish. 

My favourites of the night were the Otoro, scallop, sea eel and scampi sushi. They were rich, well balanced and sweet. Just the way I like my sushi. Akachochin's sushi omakase is also incredibly good value at $60pp. For such a humble price, you get world class sushi served in a beautiful space with top class service. I strongly recommend sitting at the bar as it allows for good conversation with Kengo whilst watching him expertly prepare each piece of sushi.

Since my first visit 2 years ago, Akachochin have been nothing less than amazing and I am still impressed each time I visit. I doubt I'll ever go back to Nobu when Akachochin is just across the road.

(special thanks to Carmen for providing some photos) 

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